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YouTube will improve the usability and interactivity of instructional media

New features are being launched by Google-owned YouTube that will let users explore topics they are interested in and producers offer organised educational content.

Updates are being made to the platform to improve learning producers’ success on YouTube and make educational video more engaging and accessible for students.

Jonathan Katzman, Director of Product Management, YouTube Learning, wrote in a blog post, “To improve the YouTube experience in educational environments, we are launching YouTube Player for Education — a new YouTube embedded player that shows content on widely used education apps without distractions like ads, external links, or recommendations.”

According to YouTube, it will first collaborate with well-known edtech firms in the US, such as EDpuzzle, Purdue University, and Purdue Global.

For an even better YouTube experience, YouTube Player for Education will also enhance the current YouTube embedded player in Google Classroom.

The site said that “approved producers can start delivering free or paid Courses next year to provide in-depth, organised learning experiences for viewers.” “The video may be played in the background and is ad-free for viewers who choose to purchase a Course.

Before being rolled out to other nations, courses will initially launch in beta in the US and South Korea “It was ad.

Quizzes are a brand-new tool producers may use to help viewers evaluate their knowledge, according to YouTube.



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