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You may now access channels on WhatsApp to receive important updates.

As was to be expected, Meta has now launched WhatsApp Channels (after undergoing beta testing) to enable users to communicate critical information to others. This feature, which was originally made available on Instagram in February, was inspired by Telegram channels. Check out the information below.

WhatsApp Channels Introduced

Businesses and even creators will find WhatsApp Channels useful for communicating crucial information to subscribers in the form of images, videos, text, stickers, and even polls. Updates, which will include both Status and Channel updates, will take the place of the app’s current Status section.

This functions similarly to WhatsApp’s Broadcast functionality but is more sophisticated. So, if you sign up for your football team, you can easily receive all the information. A searchable directory will be available in WhatsApp, allowing you to locate channels based on your interests, favourite sports teams, and more.

Channels shall also abide by the privacy guideline. Admins may rest easy knowing that their phone numbers and profile images won’t be disclosed to channel subscribers. This also applies to the followers. A few controls will be given to admins. For instance, they may choose whether they want their channels to be searchable and who can follow them. Additionally, the ability to transmit updates and take screenshots may be disabled.

As a one-way communication tool for a larger audience, Channels are not end-to-end encrypted like practically everything else on WhatsApp. WhatsApp has partnered with organisations including Columbia Check, FC Barcelona, and others to launch the functionality in Singapore and Columbia. In the upcoming months, this is expected to spread to additional nations, including India.

What do you make of this, then? Will it serve as a helpful tool for accessing the most recent information? In my opinion, if the widely-used and well-known organisations are included in WhatsApp Channels for information transmission, this should work. Please share your opinions on it in the section below.



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