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Users of WhatsApp will soon be able to establish communities.

The WhatsApp Camera tab would be replaced with the Communities tab.
The tab allowed users of the messaging service to create new groups.
WhatsApp will make it simpler for businesses to place orders.

A new feature dubbed “Community Home” appears to be being added to the instant messaging service WhatsApp. Users may manage their groups with the aid of this section, which will show all the groups that are a member of a specific community. The modification won’t be immediately visible to all users. However, a new WhatsApp for Android beta version has been hinted at. The WhatsApp Community feature is one of the recent additions to the Meta-owned platform. Users may be given a new way to consolidate all of their groups into one platform.


According to WABetaInfo, the Community Home was referenced in the Android beta version of the app with version number, which will be made available to users in a subsequent release. According to the screenshot of the new feature, WhatsApp might use the Community Home section as a place where many groups are grouped together under the community. The WhatsApp Community Home allows users to manage their groups anyway they see fit. The screenshot shows that this section will also have an option to edit a particular community. There are currently no details on how WhatsApp might make use of the Community Home area. However, according to the source, a future update would make the feature accessible to both Android and iOS beta users.

First, WhatsApp was seen developing the new Community feature in November of last year. Group administrators on the instant messaging platform will probably have more control over their groups in a new location. As a separate space for groups to converse, it won’t function. It will be utilized to keep groups contained within the Community app instead.

Additionally, it now includes Amharic and Somali as two new localizations in its most recent beta release. Both languages are Afro-Asiatic and are spoken in Ethiopia, Somalia, and Somaliland. The software may now be used in more than 40 languages thanks to these new features. Along with these adjustments, the instant messaging platform is getting set to roll out additional capabilities including UPI payments, voice message playback, and more group admin options.



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