Truecaller’s AI Can Now Answer Calls with Your Own Voice: Here’s How

Truecaller, a popular app known for identifying spam calls and providing caller ID services, has recently introduced a groundbreaking feature: the ability for its AI to answer calls using your own voice. This innovative capability can help manage calls more efficiently and provide a personalized touch when you are unavailable to answer.

Here’s How It Works:

  1. Voice Cloning:
    • Recording Your Voice: The first step involves recording a set of phrases in your own voice. Truecaller’s AI uses these recordings to create a voice profile that mimics your speech patterns, tone, and inflection.
    • Training the AI: The AI then analyzes these recordings to understand and replicate your voice accurately.
  2. Setting Up Custom Responses:
    • Predefined Messages: You can choose from a list of predefined responses that the AI can use to answer calls.
    • Custom Messages: Alternatively, you can create custom messages tailored to your preferences. These messages can be specific to certain callers or situations, ensuring a more personalized interaction.
  3. Answering Calls:
    • Automatic Call Handling: When you are unable to answer a call, Truecaller’s AI steps in and answers on your behalf using your cloned voice.
    • Caller Interaction: The AI can interact with the caller, providing information, taking messages, or even directing them to other contact methods if necessary.
  4. Call Summaries:
    • Transcription: After the call, Truecaller provides a transcription of the conversation, allowing you to review what was discussed.
    • Notifications: You’ll receive notifications summarizing the call, including any important messages or actions that need your attention.

Benefits of Truecaller’s AI Call Answering:

  • Increased Availability: Ensures that important calls are answered even when you are busy or unreachable.
  • Personalized Interaction: Maintains a personal touch by using your own voice, making the interaction more natural for the caller.
  • Time Management: Helps you manage your time more effectively by handling routine calls and filtering out spam or low-priority calls.

Getting Started:

  1. Update Truecaller: Make sure you have the latest version of the Truecaller app installed on your device.
  2. Access Voice Settings: Go to the settings menu within the app and navigate to the voice settings section.
  3. Record Your Voice: Follow the prompts to record the necessary phrases for creating your voice profile.
  4. Set Up Responses: Choose or customize the responses you want the AI to use when answering calls.
  5. Activate AI Answering: Enable the AI call answering feature in the app settings.

With this new feature, Truecaller is not just enhancing call management but also pushing the boundaries of AI technology in everyday applications. By leveraging your own voice, Truecaller’s AI provides a seamless and personal way to handle calls, ensuring you stay connected even when you can’t be on the phone.

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