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Touch-based Android games are now playable on your PC thanks to a new ChromeOS overlay.

Google has announced that ChromeOS users will have access to a “early Alpha” of game controls designed specifically for some touchscreen-only games, which feels a little late considering that Chromebooks already have access to Android apps and games. Since many computers lack touchscreens, mobile games are obviously designed to be played on touchscreen-enabled smartphones. Starting with ChromeOS 105, Google’s operating system can mimic touches by turning key inputs into simulated touches to close the distance.

Even as it urges game developers to include input support that functions across phones, tablets, and computers, Google claims that “We see game controls as a way to overcome initial challenges with the ChromeOS gaming experience while users wait for developers to fully optimise their apps for ChromeOS.”

The earliest indications of the functionality were discovered by Android Police more than a year ago, and Google also alluded to it while announcing plans for a Steam Alpha earlier this year and mentioned the public beta of a “gaming overlay.” Google has promised that in the future, players would have access to an editor that should enable the same control mapping for all Chromebook-compatible games on Google Play, as well as expanded support for mouse, gamepad, and other types of touch controls.

Google’s announcement included a list of all the supported games as of right now (which you can read below), including a few single- and multi-button control games like Hill Climb Racing and Tap Titans 2, as well as action games with joystick controls like Pixel Blade R – Revolution and a series of 2048 variations to test out swipe controls.

You might not be seeking for a means to play more mobile games from the keyboard if you already possess a gaming PC, game console, or even your own phone. But for youngsters who have a Chromebook as their primary computer, or anybody else who enjoys this sort of games, it may open up simpler access to play, especially as we wait for Steam to become accessible on more ChromeOS devices, and Google makes its games store available on Windows PCs.

Users don’t need to take any additional action to test it out as long as they are running version 105 or higher, which was supposed to be released on the stable release channel yesterday and will likely soon do so. Google notes that when you launch a game that supports game controls, an overlay showing the keys that correspond to the different touch controllers will appear. Simply click the white square in the game’s window’s right-center to change the control options.

Joystick Games

  • Archero
  • Heroics Epic Legend of Archero
  • Wizard Legend: Fighting Master
  • Pixel Blade R – Revolution
  • Zombero: Archero Hero Shooter
  • Archer Hunter – Offline Action Adventure Game
  • Mr. Autofire

Single Button Games

  • Geometry Dash Lite
  • Stack Ball – Crash Platforms
  • Fire Balls 3D
  • Stack Smash
  • Drop Stack Ball – Fall Helix Blast Crash 3D
  • Helix Smash
  • Stack Crush Ball
  • Crush Stack Ball Blast
  • Stack Fall
  • Helix Stack Jump: Smash Ball
  • Tap Titans 2

Multi-button Games

  • Hill Climb Racing
  • Ninja Arashi 2
  • Ninja Arashi
  • Ninja warrior: legend of adventure games
  • Power Hover
  • Grimvalor

Swipe Games

  • 2048 (Androbaby)
  • 2048 Original
  • 2048 (Solebon LLC)
  • 2048 Number puzzle game
  • 2048 (S2Apps)


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