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Threads have already lost 79% of their members as of today, which is concerning for Meta’s Zuckerberg.

When Threads first launched, it was popular with practically every Instagram user.
According to reports, 79% of the original users have completely ceased using the App.

According to a study, on July 7, there were around 49.3 million active users on Threads.

The launch of the Twitter-emulating app Threads on July 5 caused quite a stir online. However, it turns out that the euphoria was just momentary because the App is currently experiencing a sharp drop in active users. The Zuckerberg Twitter rival is currently having a lot of trouble growing its user base again.

When Threads launched on July 5, 2023, practically every Instagram user was using it, and its popularity skyrocketed. Within the first five days of its introduction, the App received more than 100 million sign-ups, breaking previous records.

Even better, Zuckerberg launched his new app at the ideal time, when Twitter was under fire for Elon Musk’s new rules and many were looking for an alternative to the blue-bird App. But it now looks like Threads had little chance of success and couldn’t compete with Twitter.

As was previously noted, within the first five days, Threads had more than 100 million users, but a month later, the Meta App is suffering with just 10.3 million daily active users. According to reports, 79% of the app’s initial users have completely ceased using it. According to some sources, Threads has already lost more than half of its members.

According to a recent article by Indian Express, which cites Similarweb, Threads had over 49.3 million active users on July 7. But as of late, the figures have depressingly fallen to only 10.3 million active users. The survey also finds that whereas originally users spent roughly 21 minutes each day on average on this new social media network, that number has since fallen to only 3 minutes.



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