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The Premium tier of YouTube could get a 4K streaming capability soon.

Long-time player and undisputed leader in the video streaming market, YouTube dominates the market. The site first offered premium subscriptions in 2018, which gave users access to YouTube music, ad-free listening, and background video play. Additionally, the clients may get a lot more with the application’s premium edition. A recent update showed that YouTube is now testing the inclusion of 4K video playback to the premium tier.

In light of the present situation, YouTube allows normal users to see videos on the platform at the best quality possible while adverts are playing. According to reports, the Google-owned video streaming service would cap the highest resolution that may be accessed by non-subscribers. As of right now, there has been no formal confirmation of the feature’s transition to premium status.

Only a few Reddit postings have made reference to the same. If this really occurs, users will be able to watch films in 1440p with adverts on the site without having a premium subscription. Therefore, until an official confirmation is made public, users are advised to use the material with caution.

What else is brewing?

The users were shocked to see that YouTube is also experimenting with integrating 12 adverts between YouTube videos. The business clarified its position by stating that these advertisements would be referred to as bumper advertising and won’t last more than 6 seconds. It implies that watching movies on the site will become more difficult since there will be more and more commercials to deal with. A YouTube Premium subscription may be purchased for as little as Rs 139 per month, and a yearly subscription costs Rs 1,290.



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