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The merger of BSNL and BBNL has been approved, along with a $1.64 billion revival package.

  • BSNL will be merged with BBNL in order to strengthen its position in the market.
  • Union Cabinet has approved 1.64 lakh crore for the BSNL revival.
  • Here are the BSNL revival goals.

The once-successful Bharat Sanchar Nigam Limited (BSNL) has recently been plagued by subpar management, the absence of even a 4G network, and fierce rivalry from other telecom operators. Yes, BSNL has yet to launch its 4G service, while other telecom providers in India and across the world are striving toward a 5G future. Overall, one may infer that the PSU is going through difficult circumstances. However, given that the government has stepped in, things may change now. The BSNL revitalization plan would get an investment of 1.64 lakh crore.

At a Union Cabinet meeting chaired by Prime Minister Shri Narendra Modi, the BSNL revival plan was authorized. Here’s what that primarily entails:

₹1,64,156 crore support package will be allotted to BSNL.

Spectrum allotment for high-speed data (possibly speaking of 4G)

BSNL and BBNL merger.

Additional assistance with finance requirements, due payments, and capital raising. All of this is consistent with the government’s Antyodaya plan, which aims for optimal resource management and consumption.

For the government, this might be advantageous in a number of ways, including:

Rural broadband expansion

Promote Make In India with BSNL and its surrounding vendor ecosystem. 

To keep afloat a company that is deeply rooted in several regions across the country.

What remains to be seen now is how the entire strategy really plays out. We’ll be monitoring closely.



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