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Soon, the Amazon Appstore will support Android app bundles.

Google stated earlier this month that app developers will be required to utilise Android App Bundles (AAB) instead of APKs as the publishing format for new apps in the Google Play Store. Amazon has added support for Android App Bundle to its Amazon Appstore as a result of this announcement.

Amazon Appstore to Support Android App Bundles

Amazon, unlike Google, is not pressuring developers to use the Android App Bundle format. Instead, App Bundles will be fully optional, according to the business. Additionally, developers can continue to submit apps to the Amazon Appstore in the APK format.

The app submission procedure will remain same, according to Amazon. If you’ve been submitting your software to the Appstore, the process for submitting APKs and App Bundles is the same. In addition, there’s no need to resubmit your app if it was previously published in APK format.

It’s also worth noting that Amazon will not require developers to reveal their signing key in order to submit App Bundles. “To submit App Bundles to the Amazon Appstore, you do not need to give your app signing key. You’ll continue to sign App Bundles the same way you sign and submit APKs today,” Amazon noted in a blog post.

Amazon has not stated when app packages will be accepted, but has promised to provide details later this year. Because Microsoft has partnered with Amazon Appstore to offer Android apps to Windows 11 via the Microsoft Store, Amazon Appstore’s support is critical.

If you’re unfamiliar with Android App Bundles, see our APK versus AAB tutorial to learn more about how they function and how they differ from the current APK format. We also offer a tutorial on how to instal Android App Bundles on your phone.



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