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Sony launches a new mobile PlayStation studio and buys Savage Game Studios

Savage Game Studios has recently been purchased by Sony with the intention of having a significant presence in mobile gaming. The newly announced PlayStation Studios Mobile branch will include Savage Game Studios as a member.

Sony Wants to Strengthen Its Mobile Gaming

Sony has acquired Savage Game Studios as part of a definitive agreement to acquaint more people with its games, especially the people who aren’t familiar with PlayStation and the games.

The new PlayStation Studios Mobile will help achieve that and will work independently from Sony’s console development. The merger will result in the development of “innovative and on-the-go experiences,” using old and new PlayStation IP. However, there’s no word on its plans yet.

Commenting on the announcement, Michail Katkoff, CEO and Co-founder of Savage Game Studios, said, For those who don’t know, Savage Game Studios has previously worked with game studios like Zynga, Supercell, and more.

We reached this agreement because we think PlayStation Studios’ leadership appreciates our idea of how we may work together and achieve while also being willing to take chances. All of that, as well as the opportunity to access PlayStation’s incredible library of IP and the fact that we will have access to the type of support that they alone can offer… The “why not?” question would be more difficult to respond to.

Additionally disclosed is Savage Game Studios’ intention to release a AAA mobile live service action game. The game’s name and other specifics are yet unclear.

We anticipate business as normal at Savage Game Studios. However, there is little information on specifics like the acquisition cost and more!

Even while it has aspirations to expand, Sony claims that console gaming will remain its primary priority. Recall that the business paid $3.6 billion to purchase Bungie earlier this year.



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