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Snapchat+ is now available in India for a reasonable monthly fee of only Rs 49.

In June of last year, Snap Inc. introduced Snapchat+, a premium membership service that gives users access to exclusive new features in its transient messaging programmer. The subscription service was previously only made available in ten countries, but Snapchat has since added more nations, with India being the newest. So let’s have a look at the pricing and feature list for Snapchat Plus in India.

Snapchat Plus Launched in India

Snapchat said that it is finally introducing the Snapchat+ membership in India in a formal press statement. The 100 million-strong Snapchat audience in India, who has been eager to check out new pre-release and experimental new features in the messaging app, would be quite happy to hear this.

Now, the cost of the Snapchat+ subscription in India could surprise a lot of people. The firm is giving its service at an absurdly low price of just Rs 49 per month in India. Comparatively, the US price of Snapchat+ is $3.99 per month. It appears that Snap Inc. aims to increase its income by leveraging the size of its user base in India.

Coming to the features offered under the Snapchat+ subscription, there are as under:

Snapchat+ Badge: To advertise your subscription status, you might flaunt an unique “Star” label. From the options, you may enable or disable this. It is by default turned off.

Custom App Icons: With a subscription, you may customize the Snapchat app icon on the home screen of your iOS or Android device.

Rewatch Indicator: You will now notice a new indicator for how many people have viewed your tales again when viewing who has seen them all. You won’t be able to identify the exact viewer(s), therefore you won’t know who is your biggest admirer.

Best Friends Forever: With the subscription, you may also move a buddy to the top of the conversation view as your very best friend.

Ghost Trails on Snap Map: This function displays the general direction in which friends have recently relocated (if they have agreed to sharing their location with you). This is comparable to Snap Map’s current “Map Moves” functionality.

A new friendship emblem called “Solar System” has also been added by the corporation and will now be shown on friendship profiles. The first features you have access to are those listed below, but Snapchat Plus will be adding more features in the upcoming weeks.

When we were writing the article, neither iPhones nor Android devices had the option to subscribe to the Snapchat+ service. However, you may access your Snapchat profile page by tapping the profile symbol in the top left corner and then purchasing the membership. Here, a new “Snapchat+” banner will be shown. To acquire the subscription for Rs. 49/month in India, tap on it. If you already have a Plus subscription, please share which feature is your favorite in the comments section below.



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