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Samsung and Intel present the first “slidable” PC in the world.

The first 17-inch slidable display for PCs in the world was developed by Samsung Display with chipmaker Intel. It glides smoothly in your hands rather than unfolding.

Samsung Display CEO JS Choi demonstrated a prototype PC that transforms from a 13-inch tablet into a 17-inch display at Intel’s Innovation Day event.

“The first 17-inch PC slidable display is what we’re introducing. This gadget will meet a variety of purposes for both mobility and a bigger screen “At the gathering late on Tuesday, Choi stated.

The gadget has a flexible display and a sliding mechanism that converts a 13-inch tablet into a 17-inch monitor.

When this slidable PC will be sold in the market has not yet been disclosed by the firms.

Additionally, Intel presented a wide range of new tools, programmes, and services designed to assist its extensive developer community in overcoming obstacles and producing the next wave of innovation.

The chip manufacturer also revealed Unison, a new software programme that enables seamless communication between Android and iOS mobile devices and PCs, beginning with features like file sharing, text messaging, voice conversations, and phone alerts.

Beginning later this year, new laptops will be available.

Additionally, the business unveiled XeSS, also known as Xe Super Sampling, an accelerator for gaming performance that supports both Intel discrete and integrated graphics.

“This year, it will be present in more than 20 games and is now trickling out to older games through updates. Additionally, the XeSS software development kit is now accessible on GitHub “Intel said.



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