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Popular applications that have 20 million downloads have been deleted from Google Play Store: Reasons why

According to a source, Google Play has banned apps with over 20 million downloads because they were consuming too much mobile data and exhausting batteries.

According to a McAfee study, fresh Clicker malware was found to have infiltrated Google Play. With an estimated 20 million installations, a total of 16 programs that were previously available on Google Play have been found to contain the malicious payload.

“After being launched, the program sends an HTTP request to retrieve its remote settings. The Firebase Cloud Messaging (FCM) listener is registered to receive push messages after the configuration has been downloaded “McAfee published a blog entry.

“It appears to be well-made Android software at first sight. It is using remote setup and FCM methods, while concealing ad fraud characteristics “It was ad.

All of the discovered applications were removed from Google Play, according to the security experts’ notification to Google. Google Play Protect, which disables certain applications on Android, further protects users.

Applications including the Torch flashlight, QR scanners, cameras, unit converters, and task organizers were found to contain malicious malware.

The arguments of the function to be called as well as other sorts of information are included in the FCM message.



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