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People mistook an Instagram outage for the suspension of their accounts: Here are the company’s comments and replies on Twitter.

For several users, Instagram was unavailable, and their accounts seemed to be suspended. People flocked to Twitter to respond with memes and humorous tweets as a result of the fear and appealed to Instagram to regain their accounts. Here is what Instagram claimed in its announcement that the problem has been resolved.

Following the significant global outage that affected WhatsApp a few days ago, Instagram has also just experienced one. The social networking app apparently had its second outage, but this one was particularly worrying because it was followed by some users’ accounts seeming to be suspended. Well, Meta has addressed and resolved the problem. However, for those who are unaware, here is what truly occurred and how Instagram users responded to the event on Twitter.


First, we got a response from Instagram Comms’ Twitter handle and it only addressed the issue and said they are working on it.

Meanwhile, people started to appeal to Instagram to recover their suspended accounts. Just so you know, this could be done via the Instagram app (when prompted that your account is disabled, just click the Learn More link and follow the on-screen instructions), or by dropping an appeal form or email to Instagram (

You might not have to deal with it all, though, since the company has stated that the problem has been remedied. As you restore your account, any drop in follower count you may have experienced should also be repaired.
What Instagram has to say about it is as follows: “We’ve fixed the fault that was preventing users from all around the world from accessing their accounts and temporarily changing the amount of followers for some users. Sorry!”



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