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On October 11, Meta will unveil their newest AR/VR headset.

On October 11, Meta will hold its 9th Connect event to unveil the newest AR/VR headset. The much-discussed Project Cambria headset, which has also been mentioned earlier, is likely to be released by the business. Look at the specifics.

Meta’s New Headset Is Coming!

The Reality Labs Facebook page will be hosting a live feed of this year’s Meta Connect at 1 PM ET (10:30 PM). According to Meta, the event will include Metaverse developments and the next social computing age.

The new Project Cambria VR headgear is anticipated to be the focus of the exhibition. In a presentation titled “The World Beyond,” Mark Zuckerberg has already teased the headgear. Full-color passthrough cameras are anticipated to be included with the high-end headgear, which will aid in fusing the actual and virtual worlds.

It will deliver a premium VR experience and be built on the company’s Presence Platform. Additionally, eye and face monitoring will be included. The cost will undoubtedly be substantial. Although the headgear’s appearance is unknown, we anticipate it to resemble the existing Oculus Quest 2 headset.

During the Connect event, we may also anticipate upgrades to the Horizon World app and avatar visuals, as Zuckerberg hinted at last month on Instagram. What announcements Meta will make to better promote the Metaverse during the event is still to be seen. Keep checking back for further information, and in the meanwhile, let us know what you think of Meta’s impending AR/VR headset in the comments below.



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