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Nintendo introduces the Switch OLED model: key features, pricing, and availability information

The new Nintendo Switch OLED was unveiled on Tuesday and can continue sale on October 8.

1. The 7-inch OLED display on the new Nintendo Switch is larger.

2. The handheld console has 64 GB of internal storage and microSD card support.

3. It also has a 4310mAh battery that can provide up to 4 to 9 hours of gaming time on a single charge.

Nintendo announced a new OLED model for its popular handheld Switch line of gaming consoles on Tuesday, with an October 8 release date.

The new Nintendo Switch has a larger multi-touch capacitive touch screen 7-inch OLED display than the original Switch, which had a 6.2-inch LCD display. The console also has a new wider kickstand, improved audio through its new in-built speakers, a wired LAN port in the docking station, and 64 GB of internal storage, which is double what the standard model offers. Users can easily expand storage space by using microSDHC or microSD cards with capacities of up to 2TB.

The NVIDIA Custom Tegra processor powers the new Switch. It also comes in an eye-catching new colour scheme. The unit also includes a wide adjustable tabletop stand. The 4310mAh battery in the console provides 4 to 9 hours of gaming time per charge.

The Nintendo Switch OLED model will allow users to play in three modes, including TV mode, during which the console sits within the dock and connects to your TV. The second mode is Tabletop mode, which allows you to flip the stand on the rear of the console for a more solid and durable foundation while still freely tilting the console for a wider range of viewing angles. The final mode is Handheld, in which users can take the device wherever they want to play local or online multiplayer with friends.

When docked to your TV, the portable gaming console’s screen has a 720p resolution and a 1080p image. Users will be able to play the OLED model on their TV with detachable Joy-Con controllers, just like the original switch.

Despite the addition of a larger OLED screen and other features, many Nintendo fans were underwhelmed by the new Nintendo Switch, which offers only minor improvements over the standard model. While there were rumours that Nintendo would release a Switch Pro with 4K resolution, this did not happen.

The Kyoto-based video game company announced that the new Nintendo Switch will be available for $350 on October 8th. In India, it is expected to cost around Rs 26,000. It will be available in two colour schemes: red neon/blue with a black dock and white/black with a black dock.

Nintendo has confirmed that the OLED Switch docks will be sold separately from the console. The OLED dock will not include any extras such as an HDMI cable or an AC adapter. On October 8, the new docks will be available for purchase alongside the Nintendo Switch OLED.



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