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NFTs and blockchain integration are prohibited in the game Minecraft.

The 1.19 update to Minecraft drew mixed reviews, so its creator, Mojang, is back with an unusual step. NFTs and other blockchain-based goods based on Mojang’s game are not supported, according to an official announcement from the company. The community is split as a result of this action, which represents their impending usage guidelines. Let’s examine the NFT ban in Minecraft in more detail and what it implies for you.

NFTs “Do not align” with Minecraft Values

In a blog post on its official website, the creators of Minecraft complained that “NFTs are not inclusive of all our community and create a situation of the haves and the have-nots.” They assert that the mechanisms through which NFTs and other blockchain goods operate are scarcity and exclusion. Additionally, they made note of how profiteering is encouraged by the use of Minecraft for NFT, which, in the words of the creators, “is inconsistent with the long-term delight and success of our users.”

You won’t be able to buy, sell, or trade NFTs that contain Minecraft elements once the new use rules for the game take effect. These consist of more Minecraft-only objects as well as worlds, skins, accessories, and customization items. NFTs containing Minecraft are no longer available for creation or purchase, and the client no longer supports integration of any blockchain technology.

How Does Minecraft’s NFT Ban Affect You?

The prohibition on NFTs in Minecraft won’t effect you unless you’re an NFT artist who used the game for your artwork. Because of this, opinions on this unexpected shift in the community are divided. Some people desire to use NFTs to use Minecraft as a source of income. Others, meanwhile, want to keep blockchain technology out of the Minecraft universe. Thus, you should rethink your plans if you were going to make a Minecraft skin to offer as an NFT.

However, this action has an impact on more than just Minecraft players. Additionally, “some companies have recently developed NFT implementations that are coupled with Minecraft world files and skin packs,” which clearly implies businesses profiting off the labor of Minecraft’s creators, was mentioned in the official statement.

Is the Decision Permanent?

The authors of Minecraft have concluded their statement by stating that they will “closely monitor” the advancement of blockchain technology. Therefore, Minecraft NFTs may make a comeback in the future. However, at this time, there is no place for blockchain products in the Minecraft universe.

Does Minecraft’s prohibition of NFTs serve to uphold the standard of the gaming experience? Or is it a means of preventing gamers from making money off the game? Post your opinions in the section below!



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