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Microsoft’s Copilot is now assisting cybersecurity businesses: The business introduces a new feature

Copilot now has a function that allows it to be utilised in the battle against cybercrime, thanks to an addition made by Microsoft.
With this functionality, users may analyse files more quickly and even pose queries in English to the AI.

Moreover, if you give it the opportunity to learn from users, it will be able to do so.

Microsoft just unveiled Copilot, a brand-new AI-integrated product. The Microsoft 365 apps can be used in conjunction with Copilot. It may be applied to increase productivity and creativity at work. It works with the most widely used Microsoft 365 applications, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook, and Teams.

Now that Microsoft has included a tool, Copilot may be used to combat cybercrime as well. Those who work in cybersecurity can benefit from it in a number of ways. According to Microsoft, The Copilot uses data particular to the security industry and OpenAI’s new GPT-4 language system. Security Copilot can assist cybersecurity professionals by displaying questionable emails, damaged software files, or compromised system components.

Security Copilot pursues nation-states and cybercriminals using data from government agencies and Microsoft researchers. This tool is now only accessible to a small number of users; eventually, it will be made available to more. When it will be generally accessible has not yet been disclosed by Microsoft.

Companies used machine learning techniques before the advent of AI technologies to monitor for suspicious behaviour, but with the advent of AI technology, users can now analyse files more quickly and even ask AI questions in English, such as “Who sent me or got the infected email or link?”

When this feature first debuted, Microsoft’s Vice President for Security, Compliance, Identity, and Privacy Vasu Jakkal noted, “That’s significant because there’s a scarcity of employees with these abilities.”

According to Jakkal, this system will be able to learn from its users, but only if you give it the opportunity to do so. You may decide how much access to your personal information you wish to offer Copilot.



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