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Microsoft introduces the Xbox Lunar Shift Special Edition Controller

Microsoft has shown a brand-new Xbox limited edition controller. The Lunar Shift Special Edition is the name given to this one. The new controller belongs to the “Shift” line of controllers, as its name suggests. The Aqua Shift controller was the first illustration we seen. The distinguishing feature of these controllers is that, depending on how the light strikes it, they appear to change colour.

The Xbox controller’s colour changes from silver to gold with the new Moon Shift Special Edition. The controller now has a “stylized, smoky feel,” claims Microsoft. Rubberized grey and black swirl grips are another characteristic.

The Xbox controller’s Lunar Shift Special Edition has essentially the same functions as the regular controller. This indicates that a variety of devices, including the Xbox Series X|S and Xbox One consoles with the integrated Xbox Wireless radio, may be used to play it. It can also establish Bluetooth Low Energy connections with Windows 10 computers and mobile devices. Additionally, it has a 3.5mm headphone connector that enables users to connect whatever headset they like.

The Xbox India website lists the Lunar Shift Special Edition controller for an ERP of 6,390. It will be accessible beginning on December 6. Additionally, Razer has made available a unique variation of their universal rapid charge stand. This enables the charge to match the new Xbox controller’s colour. to enable you to proudly exhibit it.



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