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Jio Cloud PC Service Has Been Announced; Read More Here!

Reliance unveiled the Jio Cloud PC, a virtual PC that would be hosted utilising the new Jio AirFiber (5G) technology, during its 45th Annual General Meeting. The product is said to provide every home and company with a desktop computer’s power at a cost-effective price.

Jio Cloud PC Announed at 45th Reliance AGM

When Reliance Jio President Kiran Thomas announced the company’s new product, he remarked, “Owning a computer these days might be difficult because it needs to be refreshed and changed every few years. People may utilise a virtual PC hosted in the cloud, known as a Jio Cloud PC, instead of spending money on purchasing and maintaining computer hardware using Jio AirFiber.

The telecom corporation said that the Jio Cloud PC will be a game changer for many different populations, including students, gig-workers, accountants, etc. The Jio Cloud PC is geared at ordinary personal PCs. To deliver the power of a PC, or perhaps many PCs, to every Indian household and company, Thomas said, “With no upfront investment or stress of periodic updating, a user has to pay only to the amount needed.”

What is a cloud PC?

The Jio Cloud PC will, at its most basic, be a virtualization service that offers a full-fledged desktop experience on hardware that is not very desktop-like (read: less powerful). Consider it as a streaming service for a simple way to conceive about it. However, it transmits the output of the desktop OS rather than movies and TV shows. To provide the user with a smooth desktop experience, the OS is also optimised for common input devices like the keyboard, touchscreen, and mouse.

Pricing and Availability

At this time, there are no facts available regarding the Jio Cloud PC’s cost or availability. However, based on Reliance’s assertion that the Cloud PC doesn’t require a deposit, we may infer that it will almost certainly be paired with a certain Airfiber subscription.

The device’s specifications are also unknown, but based on the generated graphics, we may infer that the PC will include at least 4 USB ports, including one USB 3.1 connector, 1 RJ45 socket for Ethernet, an HDMI port, and a 3.5 mm audio jack.

Jio 5G Services and Jio Cloud PC

By Diwali 2022, Reliance intends to introduce Jio 5G services in the major cities of Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, and Chennai. Then, it will gradually be extended to further cities and towns until it has covered all of India (about 1,000 cities) by December 2023. The business claimed that Jio’s aggressive 5G deployment strategy will be the quickest in the world. What do you think of Jio’s Cloud PC and its bold 5G promises, then? Tell us in the comments section below.



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