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Jio 5G was launched throughout Gujarat.

Gujarat has received the True 5G version of Jio’s 5G network. Each of the state’s 33 district offices has access to the network. Jio launched True 5G last week in Pune.

Jio has completed deploying its 5G services throughout Gujarat’s 33 district offices. In India, this makes the state the first to provide 5G services. Additionally, this is the largest trial-based rollout of telecom services ever seen in the nation. The company has affirmed that subscribers will have access to these 5G services during the trial period without paying any additional fees.

“By expanding its True-5G coverage to each of Gujarat’s 33 district headquarters today, Jio has made significant progress toward making Gujarat the first state in India with Jio True 5G coverage in every district headquarters. Because Gujarat is the birthplace of Reliance, it has unique significance “The business declared in a statement.

This information coincides with the debut of Jio’s first initiative powered by true 5G, “Education for All.” Jio and the Reliance Foundation are working together to digitise more than 100 schools in Gujarat.

“We are happy to announce that Gujarat is the first state with district headquarters that are fully linked to our powerful True 5G network. We want to demonstrate this technology’s true potential and how it can improve a billion people’s lives. Our honourable Prime Minister prioritises education, “Akash M. Ambani, chairman of Reliance Jio Infocomm, stated in a statement.

Last week, Jio’s 5G network was also made available to residents of Pune, who now have access to speeds of up to 1 gigabit per second and limitless 5G data. However, Jio thought that making the service available throughout a state will enable them learn precisely how effectively the network functions in locations in order to do beta testing in the most thorough manner.


The Education For All initiative will begin by digitally transforming 100 Gujarati schools. Jio’s 5G network, a platform for teacher and student collaboration, an enhanced content platform, and the school platform will all be connected to schools to provide students with an unmatched educational experience.



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