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Instagram’s BeReal-inspired feature encourages frank communication: This is how.

The BeReal-inspired IG Candid Challenges feature is something Instagram is developing. We have screenshots of the feature in use that were leaked. Let’s examine the similarities and differences between BeReal and IG Candid Challenges.

Instagram created IG Candid Challenges after cloning BeReal.

According to reports, testing for IG Candid Challenges has just begun.

Let’s examine the screenshots that have been released to see how it functions and how similar it is to BeReal.

The French app BeReal has recently gained popularity on the app store rankings and has the makings of the upcoming major social media app. But as is common with startups with innovative ideas, the major tech giants frequently either acquire them or copy the startup’s distinctive value offer.

In BeReal’s instance, Instagram appears to have directly plagiarized a feature from the former. This planned feature will apparently be known as “IG Candid Challenges” on Instagram.


First off, the Instagram IG Candid Challenges will ask you to include other people’s IG Candid in your stories, as noted mobile developer and tipper Alessandro Paluzzi stated. After that, you will receive a notification every day at a different time telling you to take and share a photo in two minutes. The tight time limit is what gives the uploads and postings their raw and genuine quality.

An Instagram spokesperson has confirmed to Engadget that the feature is in the prototype stage.

It is now established that a unique feature of the BeReal software is being imitated by the Meta-brand.


You are asked to “share once a day your actual life in photo with friends” by the BeReal app, which claims to be different from other social networking platforms. Due to time constraints, those will most likely be unfiltered photographs, which are more authentic.

You and every other BeReal user receive a simultaneous alert each day at a different moment that it’s “time to Be Real.”

The countdown to taking and sharing a photo in two minutes starts as soon as you launch the app.

The software snaps pictures with both the front and rear cameras when you click.

This should therefore be more authentic than your planned and staged 9-grid profile, long feed, Reels, and Stories that you publish on Instagram, even if it is primarily what you were doing at the time.

But this ought to give you a sense of how BeReal-like the new Instagram feature will probably be. When IG Candid Challenges launch, we’ll see if it’s true.



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