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India Gets JioGamesWatch Game Streaming Platform

Under its JioGames platform in India, Jio has incorporated the new JioGamesWatch streaming service. The platform will enable game broadcasters to broadcast games on different devices with any kind of connectivity. Jio hopes to compete with sites like Twitch, YouTube, and other well-known game streaming services with this.

JioGamesWatch Details

On JioWatchGames, Indian gamers may broadcast their gaming live and even locate video-on-demand (VOD) feeds. They can broadcast games directly to set-top boxes, iOS, Android, and even iOS.

The JioGames app for Android and iOS offers this feature. Additionally, it is accessible through the Jio set-top box’s home screen.

After conducting a thorough analysis of the interests and preferences of the gaming community, Jio claims to have launched JioGamesWatch. The platform’s goal is to empower and enable creators to go live using any device with zero latency and show off their greatest work to a global audience.

The platform offers high definition streaming to provide a lag-free and fluid viewing experience. Even with low latency, streamers can select from FHD (1920x1080p), HD (1280x720p), and more. Users of JioGamesWatch can participate in a variety of local esports competitions.

JioGamesWatch also offers a number of starting points, such as FAQs and even a guide on how to stream games with the required settings enabled. What do you think of the brand-new JioGamesWatch platform, then? Will you employ the system? Please share your opinions in the section below.



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