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How to View Someone’s Thread Following List

If you’ve begun using Threads, Instagram’s take on Twitter, you’ve probably noticed that both your own and other users’ profiles only display the number of followers. Additionally, we have been accustomed to checking how many individuals are being followed by others on all other social networking networks. How can I check who someone is following, you may be wondering. The way to view your own or another person’s Threads follower list is described in this tutorial.

How to View Your Own or Someone’s Following List on Threads

Yes, you read that right. It is possible to see who other people are following on Instagram’s new Threads app. And here is you can do that:

  1. First, head to the profile of the user whose “following list” you wish to see.
  2. Tap on the follower count under their Threads bio.
  3. Switch to the “Following” tab, and that’s it.

You can now see how many accounts a person is following in addition to who they are following. You can simply keep track of who you follow using this strategy because it also applies to your own profile. Would you want to know why the following user count on Threads is hidden? To find out more about it, keep reading.

Adam Mosseri, the CEO of Instagram, responded to a query about the following count not being displayed up-front by saying, “The aim was to make the number of people you follow less noticeable to depressurize that number. Some Instagram users are hesitant to follow additional users because they want their follower-to-following ratio to seem a little different. We simply wanted to explore how it felt to be able to follow people without having to think about it too much and kind of get away with it by making it much less prominent.

That implies that when someone visits your Threads profile, they won’t be able to see how many people you follow or who you follow. However, given that we revealed the secret, they may now. Are you guilty of trailing someone you don’t want other people to see? Let us know in the comments section.



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