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How to Get Your Driver’s License, PAN Card, and Other Documents on WhatsApp

The Indian government created the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp in 2020 to make it easier for Indian residents to acquire COVID-19-related information and download immunization certificates directly from the Meta-owned messaging network. You may now use the MyGov chatbot to access a variety of DigiLocker-based documents with ease. For further information, see the details below.

WhatsApp MyGov Chatbot Now Supports DigiLocker Services

When it comes to acquiring COVID-19 immunization certificates on your mobile device, India’s MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp proved to be a valuable tool for many residents, including myself. Other crucial IDs and papers, such as PAN cards, driver’s licenses, vehicle registration certificates, class X and XII mark sheets, and insurance policy paperwork, may now be accessed and downloaded. The Indian Transport Ministry has also acknowledged it. You may also use the chatbot to establish a new DigiLocker account.

The MyGov chatbot retrieves the papers via the DigiLocker platform, which has over 100 million registered users and over 5 billion issued and scanned documents, according to the company. Furthermore, it encrypts the issued papers so that only the document’s owner and no one else may access them.

In a statement, Abhishek Singh, the CEO of the MyGov service, stated, “Offering Digilocker services on the MyGov Helpdesk is a logical evolution and a step towards offering residents with easier access to important services using WhatsApp’s easy and accessible platform.”

How to Download DigiLocker Documents on WhatsApp?

Now, if you want to use the DigiLocker services on WhatsApp via the MyGov chatbot, you can check out the step-by-step process below to access and download your DigiLocker documents on WhatsApp. However, before we move on, make sure you have the MyGov WhatsApp number (+91-9013151515) added to your contact list.

Open WhatsApp and type in “MyGov Helpdesk” in the search bar.

To begin the procedure, open the MyGov chat and type “DigiLocker,” “Hi,” or “Namaste.”

With your 12-digit Adhaar Card number and a time-limited OTP given to your registered mobile number, the chatbot will prompt you to create or validate your DigiLocker account.

Now, the chatbot will give you the option to either issue new documents or download previously-issued documents that are under your ID.

Note:Once you issue your documents with DigiLocker, say your driving license, with the relevant details, they will be available to download instantly when you ask for them the next time.

Here, you can simply choose the document that you want to download and reply with the corresponding number.

After that, the MyGov chatbot will send you a PDF file of your document right on WhatsApp.

You can use the MyGov chatbot on WhatsApp to conveniently view and download your critical papers on your mobile device. It should come in handy in circumstances where you need to show a government official a certain ID or a document pertaining to your automobile. So, what are your thoughts on the new DigiLocker services available through the MyGov WhatsApp chatbot? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.



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