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Here is what transpired after unintentionally credited a client with more than $7 million.

According to media sources, cryptocurrency exchange accidentally sent a customer A$10.5 million ($7.2 million) instead of the anticipated A$100 ($68) due to an unfortunate error.

The exchange noticed the issue seven months later, but by that time part of the money had already vanished, according to The Verge, which cited the Australian news source 7News.

The first transfer took place in May 2021.

The error, however, wasn’t discovered by the exchange until a December audit, according to the article.

Instead of reporting the incorrect return to the exchange, the consumer in issue, Thevamanogari Manivel, is said to have moved the funds to a joint account and spent $890,526 on an opulent, five-bedroom home for her sister.

The business has since launched a case in Victoria Supreme Court to try to recover its money.

Manivel must sell the house and pay back the exchange’s money (plus interest), according the court’s judgement.

The trial will get again up in October.



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