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Following the release of the Jin and Kazuya-focused Tekken 8 trailer, here is all you need to know.

The Tekken 8 teaser was released by Bandai Namco during the Sony State of Play event in September 2022. It depicts the mythical figures Jin and Kazuya engaging in combat in a dark, rocky environment. See who wins by reading on.

How fast the years fly by, huh? The Tekken 8 teaser is up now, and the last Tekken was released in 2015. We get to watch Jin and Kazuya sparring in the announcement teaser, which was shown at the Sony State of Play September 2022 event. Want to know the outcome? Read on:

Tekken 8 Trailer: Here’s What It Shows

Tekken 8 appears to have moved things to the next level in terms of visuals, despite the fact that it is still the same father-son conflict that fans are accustomed to.

The characters’ enmity is evident in their facial characteristics, but when they fight, their protruding veins and bulky muscles escalate the situation.

“All the character models, scenery, and effects are the identical ones that are utilised in-game,” claims Bandai Namco director Katsuhiro Harada. Although it was taken from the story mode, the clip is real-time produced at 60 frames per second, simulating the sensation of playing the game in vs battle modes.

He does, however, add a disclaimer that “some of the effects, language, as well as the camera perspective, is presently being modified and may change when the game opens.”

He draws attention to the different visual components in the video that contribute to the overall mood, including the torrential rain, the waves, the tornadoes, and even a tanker that is strangely falling apart in the backdrop.

The real plot of this edition is not revealed, though.

Before the fight starts, Jin tells his father in the teaser that individuals like them shouldn’t even exist in the world. Tekken enthusiasts, like Kazuya, might dispute this, though.

We say, go for it! When it launches on PlayStation 5, we can’t wait. And we’ll let you know as we learn more about it.



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