Due of the confusion surrounding its Meet changeover, Google has somewhat brought back Duo.

The goal of Google’s proposal to combine its communication tools under Meet was to (finally) make things easier and clearer. It was intended to offer some reason and order to a business that has consistently overanalyzed this matter and made it confusing—to an amazing degree. The business changed the name of its Duo video chat software to Meet earlier this month and added Meet’s capabilities. As a result, the outdated Meet app now goes by the moniker “Meet (Original)”. It also made for a headline of all time.

However, it appears that not all consumers were pleased with Duo’s unexpected identity shift. Google has restored the old Duo icon and name as a distinct shortcut that displays in the app launcher with the most recent version to the Meet app for Android. Duo launches Google Meet when you tap on it. You now have two options for using the same programmer.

Google explained to 9to5Google and Droid Life that this decision was made on purpose so that users could still access Meet by typing “Duo” into their browser’s search bar, as they had previously done. But the fact that this was even necessary indicates once more that the company’s approach to these services has become disjointed.

Even though Google explicitly advises everyone to “search for the Meet name and symbol as your one app for video chatting and meetings,” the Duo shortcut actually creates additional uncertainty. Now that isn’t really the case, is it? Once again, the identical programmer has two names and two icons. And if you run Meet using the Duo shortcut and then open the multitasking view, Duo’s symbol will appear at the top as follows:

Amazing work, everyone. 0 notes. After all of this, we’ll eventually be left with only Messages, Google Chat, and Google Meet — unhappily, without the clear, straightforward FaceTime alternative that Duo previously was — but the journey there is proving to be pretty difficult.

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