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Disney+ Hotstar Plans to Reduce Password Sharing in India, Taking a Cue from Netflix

Following Netflix’s example, another significant streaming powerhouse in India, Disney+ Hotstar, is putting policies in place to prevent password sharing among its premium subscribers. According to rumors, the business plans to implement a new rule that would prevent owners of premium accounts from logging in from more than four devices. This action aims to reduce password sharing, which is a major worry in Disney’s booming industry.

According to Reuters, Netflix, which had previously implemented a comparable policy in over 100 countries back in May, is being imitated by Disney. Netflix customers were made aware that there will be an extra fee for sharing the service with others outside of their homes.

Despite the official website stating a restriction of four, premium Disney+ Hotstar accounts in India now permit logins on up to ten devices. The business has tested the policy enforcement internally, though, and plans to put it into effect later this year with the main goal of limiting logins for premium customers to four devices.

Undisclosed sources told Reuters that once the new limits take effect, some users could feel compelled to buy their own subscriptions. Disney first tried to entice members by easing up on the four-device login restriction in the hopes that once they used the service through password sharing, they would eventually want to have individual accounts.

With platforms like Disney+, Netflix, Amazon, and JioCinema, owned by billionaire Mukesh Ambani, the Indian streaming business has seen tremendous growth. According to Media Partners Asia’s forecasts, the Indian streaming business would expand to a $7 billion sector by 2027.

According to industry figures, Hotstar is the most popular of these sites, with almost 50 million users.

In order to minimize disruption for premium subscribers, the business decided to postpone implementing the four-device login rule for Disney+ Hotstar in India. Additionally, internal investigations showed that only about 5% of premium users used more than four devices to log in. However, with the upcoming adjustments, this restriction—which restricts usage to only two devices—will also be applicable to the more economical plan.

Media Affiliates Disney’s Hotstar topped the Indian streaming market between January 2022 and March 2023, garnering an incredible 38% of viewers, while rivals Netflix and Prime Video each retained 5%, according to research from Asia.

Walt Disney is aggressively looking at various possibilities for its India digital and TV business in addition to the device login policy. Disney is committed to adjusting and enhancing its position in India’s fast developing streaming industry, as seen by internal conversations that are now taking place to find a joint venture partner or investigate the prospect of selling the company.



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