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Chrome for Windows and Mac has been updated to fix a new zero-day vulnerability.

Users of Google Chrome are getting a new security update that fixes a number of vulnerabilities with the browser. One of the flaws is a zero-day vulnerability that is now being aggressively exploited.

(1) In a new Chrome security patch, a new sort of vulnerability has been addressed.

(2) Google admits that an exploit for the flaw has been discovered in the wild.

(3) Users of Chrome can update to the latest version to fix these and other flaws.

Chrome’s new version is now available for Windows, Mac, and Linux users. The update repairs a total of eight browser vulnerabilities, one of which is a zero-day vulnerability, which means that the security flaw has been found but not yet addressed across all platforms.

The browser’s V8 open-source and JavaScript engine were determined to have a major security flaw (CVE-2021-30563). It’s a form of misunderstanding vulnerability, which means it can allow attackers to get unauthorized access to sensitive and run harmful code.

The problem was first disclosed by an anonymous researcher on July 12th, according to Google’s recent article detailing the issues and the security patch. However, as is customary with zero-day vulnerabilities, the corporation withheld any specifics about the problem in order to prevent future exploitation.

However, Google acknowledged its existence, claiming that the “CVE-2021-30563 exploit exists in the wild.” This is the sixth zero-day vulnerability patched by Google for its Chrome browser this year, according to The Hacker News.

Chrome users are advised to update their browser to the most recent version to avoid having their data exploited as a result of this security flaw. By going to Settings > Help > About Google Chrome, you can instal the patched version 91.0.4472.164.

Aside from security updates, Google is also focusing on new features for Chrome users. Three new contributions were recently discovered on Google’s code review system, Chromium Gerrit, that may allow users to quickly reload closed tabs.

Users will be able to reopen tabs that were mistakenly closed without having to reload them from the beginning thanks to this feature. This will result in the immediate return of heavy web pages, which will be a welcome relief for people who use Chrome for work on a daily basis.

The functionality is supposed to work by preserving the webpage in Chrome’s memory rather than clearing it when the close button is pressed. If it was accidentally closed, this will allow you to reopen it without having to reload it.



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