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Check out these 3 cool new privacy features that WhatsApp has added!

In the recent weeks, there have been rumors that WhatsApp is working on a variety of new features for users who are concerned about their privacy. And today, the massive messaging platform owned by Meta unveiled three such privacy enhancements that will soon be available to all users. This includes the option to secretly leave groups, prevent screenshots for WhatsApp’s View Once images, and conceal your online status from selected contacts. So let’s look more closely at each of these aspects.

3 New Privacy Features in WhatsApp

According to a press statement issued by WhatsApp, the company is “introducing new levels of safety that allow users to communicate freely and enjoy private conversations.” Based on an independent privacy survey that found that roughly 47% of people feel comfortable speaking honestly and unfiltered in a safe and private setting, the company has given the aforementioned feature priority.

Additionally, 91% of users prefer to use blocking capabilities if they are aware of them, compared to 51% of users who want to keep their online activity hidden. After we’ve cleared things up, let’s take a deeper look at each of the new features:

Hide Online Status in WhatsApp

In addition to the current capability of hiding your “Last Seen” status in WhatsApp, the messaging service now makes it simple to appear offline or conceal your online status. Once enabled, even when you are online and actively using WhatsApp, other users won’t see the “Online” tag next to your name or phone number in chats.

You will need to go to Settings -> Account -> Privacy -> Last Seen once the feature is available. The recently introduced “Who can see when I’m online” option may be found here. To see the feature in use, take a look at this screenshot from tipper WABetaInfo:

Leave WhatsApp Groups Silently

In your family’s group conversations, are you annoyed by the incessant chatting and good morning messages? You can now leave the group chat without telling the other participants about your decision. The messaging behemoth writes in a news statement that “now, instead of notifying the complete group after leaving, just the admins will be notified.” For WhatsApp users, this privacy feature is crucial.

Screenshot Blocking – View Once

Finally, WhatsApp is launching a feature for “View Once” photographs and videos that really ought to have been available from the start. The business will now forbid customers from taking screenshots of in-conversation emailed images and videos that vanish. The corporation now recognizes that the View Once images are designed to be fleeting, which is a good thing. This functionality is being tested now and will be released soon.

So, to give users more control over their online footprint, Meta (previously Facebook) will upgrade WhatsApp’s privacy features over the coming months. Which of these characteristics thrill you the most? Comment below with your answer and let us know.



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