Check out the advantages of the newly introduced JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza Offer!

Jio has launched the JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza deal in India in honor of Diwali. With the purchase of either the Rs 599 or the Rs 899 JioFiber plan, this deal provides bonuses totaling Rs 6,500. Look at the information below.

JioFiber Rs 599 and Rs 899 Diwali Offer: Benefits

For new users who want to obtain a JioFiber connection, there is the Double Festival Bonanza deal. Users will receive a 100% value refund and an additional 15 days of validity, which are the two key advantages.

Both JioFiber plans are now offered. Recall that the Rs 599 package offers unlimited data, 14+ OTT applications, and more than 500 on-demand channels in addition to 30Mbps speeds. It would contain gift cards from companies like Ajio, Reliance Digital, NetMeds, and IXIGO valued Rs 4,500.

The Rs 899 package comes with coupons worth Rs 6,500, 100Mbps speeds, unlimited internet, more than 14 OTT applications, and 500+ on-demand channels.

One thing to keep in mind is that this offer is only valid if you pay Rs 599 for 6 months at once. That will cost you Rs 4,241 (Rs 3,594 plus Rs 647 GST). The price of the Rs 899 plan for three months is Rs 2,697 (Rs 3,182 plus Rs 485 GST). For the Rs 899 plan, the 6-month bundle will cost Rs 6,365 (Rs 5,394 + Rs 971 GST).

A 4K JioFiber set-top box is furthermore available to you at no additional cost. Otherwise, it costs Rs 6,000. From October 18 through October 28, 2022, the new JioFiber Double Festival Bonanza Offer will be available. So, are you going to try it? Comment below with your thoughts and let us know.

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