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Before Its Official Release, FIFA 23’s World Cup Mode Was Leaked. Here’s What It Shows

FIFA 23’s world-cup mode was a pleasant surprise from EA for the PS5 gamers before the game’s official release. Considering that 2022 is also a world cup year, this may please the crowd. Learn more about the FIFA 23 world cup mode leak.

Fans were shocked to learn that certain players could access the World Cup Online Quickplay’s mode via Ultimate Team through a leak prior to the debut of EA Sports’ FIFA 23 World Cup feature. By choosing Multiplayer Activities – World Cup Online Quickplay and then switching back to play Online Tournaments, YouTuber NickRTFM was able to use the Ultimate Team to play a few matches.

Few PlayStation players were fortunate enough to get access to the mode because of this leak because the flaw only affects the PS5. However, it’s probable that EA will quickly correct this leak and provide an update so that users may download the new mode. The EA Sports FIFA game typically offers a World Cup competition mode for offline and online gaming each time during a World Cup. The release of FIFA 23 approximately a week ago seems to have increased user interest in the game.

The World Cup mode will probably be revealed and released in the game close to the real competition. Even before that, EA recently revealed that the game had more than 10.3 million players in the first week alone, making it the series’ most successful launch period. Due to the fact that the games will be released under the EA Sports FC brand next year, EA Sports appears to have gone all-out for this final installment of the franchise. It will be fascinating to see how the PlayStation community reacts to the shift and whether FIFA decides to fight EA FC by leasing its license to another publisher. We shall see.



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