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Allegedly Leaked GTA 6 Video Shows Gameplay information: These Grand Theft Auto VI videos may be found here.

Grand Theft Auto VI is expected to be released by Rockstar in 2024. You don’t have to wait for very long, either, since some purported GTA 6 gameplay footage has surfaced online. This features the strip club, automobile interior, and shooting mechanics in GTA 6.

The much anticipated GTA 6 is presently being developed by Rockstar Games, so it could take some time before we hear anything official about it. However, we get to see a lot of stuff about the game for the first time due to some leaked footage of the alleged GTA 6 from GTAForums. Yes, as had been speculated, these depict a new female protagonist, and there are also sequences of a robbery modelled after Bonnie and Clyde.

GTA 6 Leak: What We Get To See 

There are around 90 leaked snippets of GTA 6 in all, and the leaked GTA 6 movie on YouTube is about 52 minutes long.

It’s interesting that the leaker also claims to be the notorious hacker responsible for the most recent Uber data breach. Just like we are unable to validate the veracity of this GTA 6 leak, we were unable to verify this. We share the scepticism and caution expressed by forum users while being fascinated about the ostensibly new graphic elements, debug logs, etc.

Discover the leaked GTA 6 videos, images, and more on this Reddit megathread on this YouTube channel.



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