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According to reports, a huge Coca-Cola data breach was perpetrated by pro-Russian hackers: Here are the specifics:

Meanwhile, Elon Musk has quipped that he will bebuying Coca-Cola next and put the cocaine back in.

  • (1) Around 161GB of Coca-Cola data hacked by Russian threat actors.
  • (2) The Russian ransomware group is selling the Coca-Cola data for about $64,000
  • (3) The hacked Coca-cola data is on the dark web for sale.

Stormous, a pro-Russian hacking gang, is said to have hacked Coca-Cola, a worldwide carbonated soft drink company. The Coke brand has revealed its ongoing inquiry to The Register, according to the article. According to reports, the corporation is aware of the data loss allegation and is working with law enforcement to resolve the situation.


On the dark web, the pro-Kremlin hacker collective Stormous has advertised roughly 161 terabytes of hacked Coca-Cola data. “We hacked some of the company’s (Coca- Cola’s) systems and passed a huge quantity of data into them without their knowledge, and we want to sell it to someone else,” according to the listing.

The Coca-Cola data that was compromised is being sold for about $64,000 in bitcoin by the hackers. It also says that the fee “depends on the amount of data you desire” and that it may be negotiated. This Coca-Cola data was released on April 24, 2022, and the victim, Coca-Cola, has issued a comment since then. “We are aware of this problem and are investigating to evaluate the authenticity of the claim,” Coca-Cola Communications Global VP Scott Leith told The Register. We’re working along with law enforcement.”

Stomrous allegedly sponsored a poll on its Telegram group days before the attack, asking its followers which brand it should target, and Coca-Cola garnered almost 72 percent of the votes.

To get to the bottom of it, the hacker gang had previously stated that “if any party in different parts of the world decides to organize a cyber-attack or cyber-attacks against Russia, we will be in the right direction and will make all our efforts to abandon the West’s supplication, especially the infrastructure,” they would be “in the right direction.”

So, it is the world in which we live. “Hackers are breaking the systems for profit,” writes Kevin Mitnick, an American computer security consultant and author. Hacking used to be about intellectual curiosity and the quest of information and thrills, but today it’s huge business.”



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