Sonic Colors: Ultimate Sprints Will Arrive on Modern Platforms in September

It’s no secret that the Sonic the Hedgehog franchise went through a rough patch in the late ’00s and early ’10s, but one of the 3D series’ most popular entries also came out during that time. Sonic Colors, which debuted in 2010 and quickly became one of the best-received Sonic games of the time, featured fast-paced action, fun level design, and unique power-ups. Unfortunately, the title has remained stranded on the Wii since its initial release, with no re-releases or backwards compatibility. Sega and developer Blind Squirrel Entertainment have changed that with the announcement of Sonic Colors: Ultimate.

This remaster of the 2010 Wii game provides the same thrills as the original did 11 years ago, but as with all remasters, some improvements are to be expected. The visuals have been improved, the controls and core gameplay have been refined, and players can even try out an entirely new mode. Sonic competes against Metal Sonic in the all-new Rival Rush mode. You will win if you can outrun your robotic opponent.

For those who haven’t seen Sonic Colors, Dr. Eggman has constructed a massive interstellar amusement park that he is powering with captured members of an alien race known as Wisps. Sonic learns of this and decides to free them, but the help is not one-sided; the Wisps are capable of bestowing new abilities on Sonic.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate launches on PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, and PC on September 7. The PC version is digital-only and exclusive to the Epic Games Store.

Sonic Colors: Ultimate


Platform: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Switch, PC

Developer: Blind Squirrel Games

Publisher: Sega

Genre: Action, Platforming

Release Date: September 7, 2021

Industry rating: Everyone

Official Website

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