SICO™ – Modern Combat, Modern Warfare Shooter Game MAKE IN INDIA

SICO™ is a modern warfare shooting game that you can play online with friends!!

SICO™ is a SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATION which is a free-to-play multiplayer action game and modern combat online game that you play with your friends!

SICO™ comes with the most intense Multiplayer Action, First Person Shooter, Sniper, Kill Streaks, and Engaging Multiple Maps. Survival in this game is the only key to win the game!!
Play this Modern Strike Online Game with Friends and Start shooting in the game that has it all: There are lots of game modes, multiple characters, engaging maps, and full-fledged campaign!

Step onto the battlefield of SICO™ – Modern Combat, Modern Warfare Shooter Game

Step onto the battlefield of SICO™ and play the new Modern Warfare Shooting Game with your friends. Answer the call of your friends and raise the bar for the first person shooter in this FPS game with great graphics, high-powered guns, snipers, and enjoy the intense online multiplayer action of SICO™ – Modern Combat Online Game!!
Here you have to create a squad of your friends for team play, and test your skills in multiple maps and match modes through Battle Royale warfare against your enemies in this Modern Combat and Modern Warfare Shooter Game.

Do you Love to play Modern Combat Online Games (FPS Games) alone?

SICO™ – Modern Combat, Modern Warfare Shooter Game got you covered, if you want to play our Modern Combat Online Game without Friends! Feel free to step into the solo campaign game where you are your own boss, you won’t have to listen to your friends or anyone if you’re playing alone.
So, do you have guts to play the Modern Warfare Shooting Game (FPS Game) alone? You won’t find more fun of Action Game (Campaign Game) anywhere in other Modern Combat Online Games (FPS Games)!!

Main Features of SICO™ – Modern Combat, Modern Warfare Shooter Game

✪ Multiplayer Action Game / Modern Warfare Shooting Game / First Person Game / Sniper
✪ You can customize your modes of playing either you want to play solo action game or a team play mode
✪ There are multiple characters, and attachment system, etc.
✪ Enjoy the 5 Match Modes in Modern Strike Online Game with Friends: Team Death Match, Free for all, Domination, Multiple Team Death Match, Gun Race
✪ Modern Combat Online Game and Modern Warfare Shooter Game is Free for everyone!!!

SICO™ – Modern Warfare Shooter Game: A Multiplayer Action Game

✪ In the Spectator Mode, you can watch your team mates engaged in live online FPS battles
✪ Enjoy the Intense Shooting Action of “Modern Combat Online Game” in Squad vs Squad matches
✪ Fight for yourself and your team survival in the classic mode of 100 players and enjoy the Modern Strike Online Game with Friends
✪ Talk to your friends and plan strategies according to the situation in FPS Game (Action Game)

SICO™ – Modern Warfare Shooter Game: An Intense Solo Play Campaign

✪ Engage in solo missions where you have to be the first person shooter and break the challenges
✪ Play the epic missions and complete the challenges and tasks given to you in our Modern Combat Online Game
✪ Enjoy the great graphics with intense sounds of Modern Warfare Shooting Game.

SICO™ – Modern Warfare Shooting Game has highly customizable controls

✪ SICO™ comes with highly customizable controls so you can play our Modern Strike Online Game with Friends just like the way you want.
✪ Enjoy the 5 Match Modes, Multiple Engaging Maps, and Multiple Characters with Attachment system in this Modern Combat Online Game (FPS Game)

SICO™ – Modern Combat Online Game, Modern Warfare Shooter Game requires an internet connection.

So, are you ready to play the Modern Strike Online Game with Friends or alone by becoming the First Person Shooter? Dive into the new world of SICO™ – SPECIAL INSURGENCY COUNTER OPERATION where you will have to face your enemies in the thrilling Battle Royale challenge.


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