Google has introduced “India Ki Udaan” as a homage to India’s 75th anniversary of independence.

The “India ki Udaan” project, being worked on by Google Arts and Culture, honors the accomplishments of the nation and is inspired by its “unwavering and endless spirit throughout the previous 75 years.”

A software business called Google has published a website project that narrates the history of India. It shows the nation’s development over the past 75 years since it gained independence using the company’s extensive archives and lovely images.

At a sizable Friday celebration at the Sunder Nursery, it was formally unveiled. There were also top representatives from Google and the Union Ministry of Culture and Tourism, G Kishan Reddy.

Google declared that it would collaborate with the Ministry of Culture on a number of projects as part of the nationwide celebrations to honor 75 years of independence “locating educational online content that highlights Indians’ contributions and the country’s development. As part of the government’s annual “Azadi Ka Amrit Mahotsav” campaign since 1947, “The industry leader in software made a statement.

Additionally, it announced that pupils in Classes 1 through 10 can now participate in its well-known Doodle4Google competition for 2022, with the theme “In the next 25 years, my India will…”

“On November 14, the Doodle4Google contest winner’s artwork will be displayed on the Google home page in India. A 5 lakh scholarship for college, a 2 lakh technology package for their school or non-profit organization, a certificate of achievement, Google gear, and amusing Google souvenirs will also be given to the winners. Additionally, the four group champions and the 15 finalists will get thrilling rewards “It read.

In order to get Google’s staff and other people more interested to participate in the campaign, Reddy urged the Google team to create a special doodle on “Har Ghar Tiranga.”

The minister also mentioned in his remarks that Google may assist the ministry of culture in digitally mapping the borders of its more than 3,000 centrally protected monuments. This would enable the ministry to monitor the locations more effectively and deter trespassing.

He also said that it could help digitize rare archival materials.

We invite the Google team to join the government in its efforts to transform and promote India’s tourism destinations as a result, Reddy added.

“Hundreds of millions of Indians will have access to information and experiences created especially for the jubilee year.”

A brand-new online collection named “India Ki Udaan,” which can be seen on the Google Arts and Culture page, is the most significant component of the celebrations. It showcases some of the most significant occasions from the previous 75 years while honoring India’s rich cultural legacy.

More than 120 images and 21 stories by ten gifted artists are available for viewing, in addition to displays from the Indian Railways’ Heritage Directorate, the Indian Academy of Sciences, the Museum of Art and Photography, and the Dastkari Haat Samiti. Both Hindi and English versions of the book are available.

“This project offers a distinctive look at India’s most notable events and teaches viewers about the most well-known citizens of the nation, their most illustrious scientific and athletic accomplishments, and how Indian women continue to inspire people all over the world. A special fusion of archives and artwork will be added to this collection, making it accessible to people in India and around the world “announced Google.

India Ki Udaan, which translates to “India takes flight,” is a new Google Arts & Culture collection that integrates technology with the country’s extensive cultural heritage. It is based on the last 75 years of India’s “unwavering and inexhaustible spirit.”

The project “marries the rich material of archives with illustrators’ aesthetic talent,” according to Simon Rein, a senior product manager at Google Arts and Culture.

A physical version of the new digital collection was also set up at the venue.

It featured a digital kite-shaped screen, images that could be viewed in augmented reality, and other technologically oriented activities.

In order to engage and educate people from India as well as those who are interested in learning about the history of the country, Rein claimed that the kite had been utilized as a “optimistic symbol” to discuss India’s journey over the previous 75 years.

In its tenth year, Google Arts and Culture has demonstrated India’s vast cultural diversity in a variety of ways. It has collaborated with more than 100 partners in India to share India’s cultural legacy with people all over the world.

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