Best AI Tools For Coding in 2024 (Free and Paid)

Coding is a talent and an art form that calls for both technical know-how and original problem-solving. AI has a great deal of potential to simplify code and increase process reliability. Coders may benefit from AI’s ability to recommend improvements, find flaws, improve security, automate tedious work, and more. This enables developers to concentrate more on their work’s creative elements. Let’s give you a preview of what to expect before we go over the list of some of the top AI Coding Assistants available.

What is AI for coding

AI for coding is like having a code helper at your side. like ChatGPT, but just for authors. These are advanced software solutions that use artificial intelligence to reduce the complexity of coding. Both novice and seasoned developers can benefit from them. Large code repositories teach AI coding helpers how to learn and get better. They anticipate lengthy code snippets you might find useful, analyse your code context and make recommendations for improvements, and obtain functions you want. This lowers mistakes and increases productivity.

These tools can:

  • Help you avoid syntax errors for different programming languages. 
  • Help you quickly debug your code, flagging potential errors. 
  • Help improve coding efficiency by suggesting alternative implementations 
  • Suggest comments to keep your code more readable. This also helps improve collaboration between teams and avoid conflict. 
  • Suggest potential security vulnerabilities in your code
  • Make it easier to collaborate with your team in IDE.
  • Help you stay updated with the latest developments and can help save time and efficiency. 

Things to keep in mind while using AI coding tools 

You can’t completely trust AI tools. If you are still learning and can not immediately catch if AI-generated code is out of context or buggy, you should avoid depending too much on it. If you are an intermediate or even expert coder, suggestions from AI coding assistants can help you learn different techniques for doing things. 

Bugs in AI-generated codes can be difficult to detect. So, it is essential that you first learn coding and know what you are doing to make the most of AI Coding tools. 

Best AI Tools for Coding 

Now, let’s talk about some of the best options that you must try.

Cursor AI 

As a collaborator, the Cursor AI code editor comprehends the context of your project and provides support at every stage of the coding process. Midline completion can be recommended by its Copilot++ functionality. Before making changes, you may also have a conversation with the AI that is keeping an eye on your code. In addition, you may auto debug your code, verify details for unknown variables, and establish style requirements.

Free is the Cursor AI basic version. The monthly fee of the Pro edition is $20, or $16 if invoiced annually.

GitHub Copilot 

One of the major advantages of GitHub Copilot is that is integrated into the GitHub ecosystem. While it supports various programming languages, its effectiveness varies, with stronger support for languages like JavaScript. It particularly shines for small programs where there is not much context or for tasks that can be automated. 

GitHub Copilot is available for free to certain developers, provided they share their code with Microsoft for training the model. Subscriptions for team users cost $4 per month. 


Codeium AI is another great free option for coders that supports multiple coding languages. It offers precise code suggestions, code explanations, and automated test generation, all aimed at refining code quality and clarity. It offers specific tips to improve your code, explaining code in simple terms, and even making tests automatically to check your code. It’s great for working together with others too, as it helps with sharing and reviewing code easily.

Codeium is free for individual users. Teams can opt for a paid subscription for $12 per month. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer

Amazon CodeWhisperer looks at what you’re typing and suggests how to finish it based on what you’ve written before. You can choose to accept, change, or ignore its suggestions. It also checks your code for security issues, like if it’s vulnerable to hackers, and tells you how to fix them. It works best with certain programming languages like Java and Python. You can use it in programs like Visual Studio Code and with Amazon’s cloud services. However, there is no option to chat with the code generator. 

Amazon CodeWhisperer is free for individuals and affordable for businesses. To get it, you just need to add it to your program, connect it to Amazon, and sign in. If you use Amazon’s services a lot or care about open-source software, it’s a good choice.


Tabnine is a coding tool that cares about keeping your work safe and sound. You can also create bespoke models trained on your codebase to stick to your coding style. It suggests helpful changes to your code and can thus help you speed up your coding. Users can set their guidelines for static code analysis. They can also share and import code snippets with others within their own IDE. 

You can use Tabnine for free with basic features for 90 days. The Pro version costs $12 a month.


AskCodi is a versatile tool that supports over 50 programming languages. You can directly access AskCodi features within popular IDEs like VS Code and PyCharm. It can generate codes based on natural language prompts and includes Real-time chat support. The premium version lets you switch between different AI models. 

The Basic free plan includes 50 credits per month. The Premium plan costs $9.99 per month and gives you 500 credits per month. The Ultimate plan costs $29.99 per months and awards 3000 credits per month. 

Mutable AI 

MutableAI offers a set of handy tools to make coding smoother and faster. Its AI Autocomplete feature suggests helpful bits of code as you type to make your job simpler. MutableAI not only helps you write code but also has a Production Quality Code feature that helps you tidy up your code, making it work better. You can chat with it and tell it what changes you want to make with the Prompt-driven Development tool. It even helps out with Test Generation, automatically creating tests to make sure your code works as it should. And it works with multiple languages and popular IDEs. 

The basic plan starts at $2 a month per project, or you can go for the premium plan at $15 a month per project for some extra perks.


Replit is an AI-powered, dynamic Integrated Development Environment (IDE). It is accessible through a browser, has an easy-to-use interface, and supports more than 50 programming languages. Hovering your cursor over an identifier or function will cause a little window to appear, displaying the type and some document-related information. Its instantaneous change visibility feature, which allows for real-time communication, promotes smooth teamwork. Its version management mechanism may save a great deal of trouble by making code tracking and restoration simple. Additional value is added by its extensive library of pre-built components and sharing features.

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