A Minecraft bot was taught to play by OpenAI after receiving 70,000 hours of YouTube game play.

In the past, beating the computer at chess would make you feel like a king for the day. Now, playing with AI may be considered the current version of “beating the computer.” A computer that can play Minecraft has been taught to play by OpenAI, a business that does artificial intelligence research and implementation. How was this accomplished? We all learn new things by viewing 70,000 hours of YouTube videos, so that’s how this works.

The highly sought-after diamond tools in the game were initially produced by the bot. This represents not just a tremendous advancement in gaming but also in the types of tools that can be used to train AI.

Breaththroughs In Training AI

This indicates a significant advance in imitation learning, claims study. By demonstrating the robots how humans complete a task, imitation learning teaches AI how to complete the job. Monkeys see, monkeys do, you know. Because AI picks up skills by replicating the jobs it observes, we may soon be able to teach AI bots to take over a variety of tedious duties.

This will be used by OpenAI researchers to train bots to accomplish goals like to GPT-3 for extensive language models. GPT-3 is capable of mimicking handwriting. To accomplish the same, it has been trained utilizing many textbooks and publications.

According to Bowen Baker at OpenAI in an interview with Technology Review, “in the last few years we’ve seen the rise of this GPT-3 paradigm where we see amazing capabilities come from big models trained on enormous swathes of the internet.”

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